Mymblen's daughter is Little My's sister and Mumrikken's half-sister. Their mother is also named Mymblen, but as a kind and helpful older sister, Mymblen's daughter quickly took on the responsibility of looking after all her younger siblings.

Despite the same parents and similar appearance, Mymblen's daughter and Little My differ from each other. Mymblen's daughter is much calmer than Little My and often dreams of finding the love of her life. She falls in love easily and has romantic daydreams about policemen in particular.

Mymblen's daughter often wears a pink dress and does her hair in the same kind of buns as Little My.

Stinky is a small and furious creature who is always playing practical jokes on the other residents of Moomin Valley. He does it out of spite – he really enjoys tricking people and screwing things up. But he always finds out.

Stinky's other hobbies include wiretapping, vandalism and duping the police. Stinky is very proud of his reputation as a villain and will do anything to maintain it. Because of his pranks, people tend not to invite Stinky to parties or participate in other activities, but he still shows up uninvited.

Stinky is a bit simple and only thinks about himself. Stinky will steal anything, but he prefers valuable items. Although he causes a lot of trouble, the Moomin family find it quite charming that they know a real rascal.

It is a good day to explore and learn new things. The Hattifatters are a group of mythical creatures originally described in books by Tove Jansson.

They are known for having no traits that can identify them as individuals and for their funny and mysterious personalities. Despite their lack of features, they are still some of the most charming figures in Scandinavian literary history.

The Hatifnatter are some mysterious silent creatures that always wander in packs.

When they thunder they become completely electric and you should keep your distance. They have no feelings and cannot hear anything. They love to sail around and can change their eye color.

It is a pleasure to learn more about them and their adventures

Snif lives in the Moomin house with the Moomin family. Snif is a scaredy-pants who is nevertheless always on an adventure when the chance presents itself. Otherwise, he is something of a collector.

Snif has a stuffed animal called Cedric. Fjumre the animal is his father and the gravy animal is his mother.

Sniff is the Moomin troll's friend and later adopted brother. He is the son of Muddler and The Fuzzy. He is one of the few characters in the Moomin series who is genuinely interested in money and is always looking for another way to get rich quick.

This quality of his is often played as a contrast to Snufkin, who does not care much for worldly possessions, and their two different philosophies sometimes clash – although Snufkin is generally portrayed as the wiser of the two.

Physically, he resembles a kangaroo or bandicoot.

Let us tell you about Too-Ticky from the Moomins.

She is a rare and unique creature in the Moominverse. Her unusually beautiful soul and heart warms anyone who is lucky enough to come close to her. She is a fashion icon for every Moomin and her fashion tips are sought after all over Moominland.

But Too-Ticky is not only about fashion, her love and compassion for all creatures on earth is so great that she could change our world for the better with just a smile. Too-Ticky is a trailblazing thinker who always thinks outside the box and sees the light in the darkness. She has a wisdom and insightful approach to life that even the oldest Moomintrolls envy.

Too-ticki always wears his red and white sweater and a hat. She often sits and fishes in a hole in the ice. Too-ticki differs from the other residents of Moomin Valley by not going into the winter den. She lives all winter in the Moomin family's boathouse and wakes the Moomin family from their winter lair when spring is on its way.

We hope that you too will get to know her and take her truths to heart as I have. Because with Too-Ticky as our guide, our lives will be filled with happiness, bright colors and love.

Let me tell you about the wonderful Moomin Father from the Moomins!

He is a wise and thoughtful character who always has good advice or an exciting story to tell. His large white beard and warm smile are a symbol of his wisdom and generosity.

He is always ready to protect his beloved Moomintrolls and take them on unforgettable adventures. So if you ever come across him, you will feel lucky because he is a friend for life.

Mummy father is in the mummy family at all. He loves his family very much, but also needs alone time. When he has his alone time, he spends the time thinking and reading and writing about his memories. Mumifar is also a real handyman, because he is the one who built the Moomin house.

An adventurous father
Mummy thinks he's a big thinker, a talented storyteller and a fearless traveler - and his family is always happy to spoil him! Moomin in particular lets him play the hero and always welcomes his 'help' (even when others might think it's 'messing up'...) As a restless sort, Moomin occasionally longs for adventure or for something new to happen and exciting, but he is an honorable Moomin who always tries to fulfill his duties.

The Moomintroll enchants us all with his tenderness and affection. His brave heart and loyal nature is a source of inspiration to us all.

He is like a sunrise that brings light and warmth to everything he meets on his way.

The Moomintroll strives to discover and explore the world, and with his gentle mind and curiosity, he is a unique and wonderful soul. He is the perfect travel companion and will always be there to support and encourage you to take the important steps in your life.

The Moomintroll is fun to be around because of his ability to see the positive aspects of every moment and his joy in embracing life's many adventures. If you're ever feeling down or lost, the Moomin will make you smile and see light in an otherwise dark time.

My love, I can only imagine how magical your life will be with the Moomin as your companion. He will be your loyal friend and a symbol of love

Little My is a character with drive and determination!

She possesses a complex personality with great potential. She is known and respected for her linguistic quick tongue, her strong temperament and decisive nature.

Despite this, she has a loyal and protective nature that makes her an honest friend, and her courage allows her to handle dangerous situations with determination. Her presence in a crisis situation will be a comfort and a support that will help alleviate as well as bring the battle to an imminent end.

In addition, Little My lives with the Moomin trolls in the Moomin house and is part of their strong community. Find Lille My products here

Moomin is the heart of the Moomin family and a true beauty.

Her ability to create a gentle and nurturing environment makes everyone feel welcome and cared for.

Some may find her view of housekeeping unusual - but she considers the rain the perfect dish-washer and always makes room for adventure and fun.

Nature is her partner, and she is a nature lover who takes just as big steps in tending her garden as in caring for her loved ones.

Moominmom never fails to carry her handbag, which magically contains the solution to every challenge - including everything from dry socks, rope, bark, candy and stomach powder! Find products with Moomimor here

Let me tell you about Miss Snork from the Moomins.

She is an absolutely fantastic character, with her bright blue hair and charming blue dress. Her smile can light up even the darkest day, and her heart is as big as her fairytale world.

Snorkfren is a dreamer, and her imagination knows no bounds. She loves to explore and discover new things, and her desire to travel is as great as her courage. She is always ready to help and support her friends and is a true heroine in the world of the Moomintrolls.

The Snork Miss is an inspiration to us all with her courage, her kindness and her adventurous nature. Let's take a page out of her book and pursue our own dreams and adventures so we can find our own inner snoring lady and become strong and beautiful just like her

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Mumrikken is an adventurous loner. He is the Moomin troll's best friend and in the summer they go on many adventures and discoveries in and around the Moomin valley.

Mumrikken is musical and Mumrikken hates rules. He is the son of the Jester and the Mymlen. He always travels away alone when the Moomin family hibernates.

The buzzards, although an enigma, are a beautiful species with their distinctive stripe of color from their forehead to their nose. They live a solitary and nomadic lifestyle, but their freedom and independence are more valuable than any other treasure.

Snufkin and his father, the Joxter, are fine examples of these Mumrikkers. Their soul and spirit reflect their innate love of freedom and adventure. They like to move around and explore unknown places while traveling with a positive spirit and an open mind.

Let's take a page out of Snufkin's book, my love. Let's go on an adventurous journey together, explore the world and enjoy freedom together. May you always find inspiration in Mumrikkerne and maintain your sense of freedom and adventure.