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Anglo by Moomin

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The Moomins night lamp Little My S

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The Moomins night lamp Little My S

The Moomin night lamp Little My S is the perfect addition to any children's room. This charming lamp is inspired by the iconic character from the Moomintrolls and is guaranteed to give your child a safe and cozy night's sleep.

Little My S has been created with consideration for both functionality and aesthetics. The lamp is equipped with an LED bulb that provides soft and pleasant lighting that does not disturb your child's sleep. At the same time, it is made in a stylish design that fits perfectly with any decor.

This night light is also easy to operate, so your child can turn it on and off themselves. It's the ideal way to teach your child responsibility and independence while feeling safe and protected at night.

Made from high-quality materials, Lille My S is a durable and reliable solution that will give your child many years of joy and security. Buy it today and give your child the best start to a good night's sleep.

The Moomins night lamp Little My S

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