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Muurla by Moomin

SKU: 4700-175-06

Moomin food bowl PETS M, beige

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Moomin food bowl PETS M, beige

The Moomin food bowl PETS M in beige is a stylish and practical way to give your four-legged friend a pleasant eating experience. This bowl is designed with a cute Moomin figure that will add a charming and fun element to your home. The bowl is made of high-quality steel and plastic that is durable and easy to clean. The smooth surface makes it easy to clean after meals, and its good size fits most dogs and cats.

The Moomin food bowl/water bowl PETS M is not only practical, but also stylish. The beige color matches any decor and will look great in your home. Your four-legged friend will love eating or drinking water from this bowl, and you'll love watching them enjoy their meals in style.

Moomin food bowl PETS M, beige

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