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Muurla by Moomin

SKU: 1714-025-01

The Moomins enamel mug 2.5dl Hug

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The Moomins enamel mug 2.5dl Hug

The Moomins enamel mug 2.5dl Hug

Nothing is cozier than enjoying a hot drink in a cup with your favorite characters on it. And what could be more charming than the Moomintrolls?

This Moomin enamel mug is perfect for your morning coffee or evening tea. With a capacity of 2.5 dl, you can enjoy a good cup of tea or coffee while admiring the beautiful, colorful illustrations of the Moomintrolls.

The cup is made of high quality enamel, which makes it durable and perfect for outdoor use or on a small picnic. It's also easy to clean, so you can enjoy your favorite drink without any hassle.

Have a cup of fun with this Moomin enamel mug and add some fun and charm to your daily routine.

The Moomins enamel mug 2.5dl Hug

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