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The Moomintrolls napkin Star 20 pieces 33cm

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The Moomintrolls napkin Star 20 pieces 33cm

3 main selling points:
• Pack of 20 Moomin napkins
• Each napkin measures 33 cm in diameter
• Beautiful and colorful design with the Moomintrolls

Product description:
Treat yourself to these charming Moomin napkins! This pack contains 20 napkins that are perfect for any festive occasion. Each napkin measures 33cm in diameter, providing plenty of room to wipe your mouth or protect your clothes from unfortunate stains.

With their beautiful and colorful design featuring the Moomins, these napkins are sure to add a fun and festive atmosphere to your event. Whether it's a birthday, a picnic or a themed party, the Moomin napkins will be a hit with children and adults alike.

Made from quality materials, these wipes are both soft and durable. They are easy to fold and can be reused if they have not become dirty. So why not add some magic and adventure to your next party with the Moomins napkins? Order your package today and make your party an unforgettable event!

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